Personal blog post collection.

Welcome to My New Website

Hello there and welcome to my new website! I am very glad that you stopped by. It already looks good, doesn’t it?

Over the past few months, I worked hard to realize this site and to make it as user-friendly possible for you as a visitor. You can easily navigate to the different sections of the website by using the navigation menu and choose between the Dutch or English language.

What will you find?

There is already a lot to be found on the website ranging from transcriptions to information about jazz musicians. Currently there are 17 scripts online that you can view, listen or purchase. It is intended that this number will be expanded in the future.

You can also take a look at the About page for some information about myself and the purpose of the website. For contact you can go directly to the Contact page.

I will also keep up a blog. My blog page will be a collection of knowledge articles based on personal experience in the jazz world. As a result, this will help you understand better the rich music of jazz.

Come back regularly…

So come back regularly as soon as I update the site with new blog articles about what I’m working on, information about musicians and new jazz scripts. You can also sign up for the newsletter. This way you will always stay up to date of the latest news.

I am very interested about what you think of my site. Do you have any suggestions for blog articles? Are there any scripts you would like to see?

I’d like to hear from you in the comments below!